The start-up’s history began with Dr. Seker’s industry ML training and consultancies. Due to the increasing trend of those trainings and consultancies, this scientist set up BILKAV in 2017 to manage the large number of inquiries. At that time, 24 companies with 385 staffs were totally trained. After that year, two major sectors leader requested consultancies from him: ETSTUR, a market leader in Turkey’s tourism sector, and TURKCELL, the sector leader in the Middle East’s telecom sector. After signing these two agreements, BILKAV signed its biggest development and consultancy service agreement signed with ISKI to transform the Istanbul Metropolitan Water and Sewage Company into a big data company. Dr. Seker then decided to develop the Optiwisdom family products. During 2018, BILKAV launched a new vision under Optiwisdom to develop several engines and provide those engines’ services via to its customers. That same year, it opened a new office in Antalya (Turkey) in Technopark for R&D, as well as sales offices in Istanbul and Palo Alto, USA. Currently, the company has more than 15 employees.