What is CollectWiser:

CollectWiser is an AI based debt collection tool that predicts who are more likely to pay their debt, optimizes the time and the method to reach them with the best payment offer

Our Vision and Impact:

Our vision is to make the debt collection process easy and effective with highest repayment

We help debtors pay debt, help businesses to collect them, decrease human reliance and employee cost while increasing returns

Out automated machine learning algorithms can be also integrated to debt collection software providers

What is the problem we are solving?

Problem 1 :Millions of delinquent debtors’ data, but not possible to identify who are more likely to pay and cannot call all of them

Problem 2: Need to know the best method and time to reach them and payment offer

Problem 3 : Industry relies on human; manual process; higher employee cost, limited to human knowledge and prone to errors

Who we are solving these problems for?

Any company with debt to collect especially 8000+ collection agencies have these problems and any debt collection software providers who needs to integrate data science to their tools.

How does CollectWiser Solve these problems?

CollectWiser; an enterprise software that uses machine learning algorithms to rank and identify who are more likely to pay.

CollectWiser predicts who to reach, how and when to reach, and what payment plan to offer

It decreases the costs of employees, minimize or even eliminate human error and human reliance, and increase the debt collection rate.

How it works?

CollectWiser uses Optiwisdom’s proprietary automated machine learning engines.It uses past data to learn and train, then predict who are more likely to pay. CollectWiser will include SMS, Push notifications, Email, mail, automated calls and agent optimization within the tool. Machine learning algorithms will optimize and help us choose the best method, the best time to reach them, and the best offer, continuously improving itself and updating algorithms

Our business model is based on incremental performance we deliver and a fixed setup fee

Who can benefit from our software?

Collection agencies and any company with debt to collect.

In addition, debt collection software providers can integrate our tools to their system to have Automated Machine Learning capability.